55" Hub Totem Package 24/7

55" Hub Totem Package 24/7

55" Hub Outdoor Totem Package 24/7

55" Hub Outdoor Totem Package 24/7

46" Hub Outdoor Totem Package 24/7

£12,000.00 £10,000.00

Complete Interactive Hub Solution

Included Hardware:

  • Free-standing totem
  • IP55 rated for outdoor use
  • Full HD Display for 24/7 usage
  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • 2 Point Touch (upgrade to 40 point)
  • Android OS
  • RJ45 LAN + WiFi connectivity
  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty

Signage Package:

  • Compatible with d|sign Hub & d|sign Comms Digital Signage System *
  • d|sign Hub Media App - pre-installed *
  • Built in basic media player
  • Remote support ready

* Requires Subscription to dsign Premium Cloud


Product type: Digital Totem LCD
Environment: Outdoor (Direct sunlight)

Exentia EKS is a digital totem created to meet all requirements for full-outdoor usage in extreme weather conditions and with the highest vandal protection. The 2500 nit high brightness LCD panel assures visibility even under direct sunlight and the latest and sophisticated technology guarantees maximum performance capabilities even in conditions of high temperatures up to +50° C (HBC version). Available in the IP55 version without air conditioner (HB version) or in IP65 with air conditioner (HBC version). The Exentia EKS is available in 46” and 55”, single or double-sided versions. The vandal proof all frontal 4+3 glass and a sophisticated diagnostic system make it particularly suitable for installation in urban spaces, historical tourist areas, by the seaside, mountains or anywhere where information and content must always be ensured.

More Information
Display Usage 24/7
Platform OS Android

d|sign Hub Overview

Hub is a next-generation kiosk platform you can use in a public facing or internal organisation to give both critical and useful information to viewers passing in the vicinity of the screen, as well as a gateway to further information via touch-screen interaction with the built in navigation.

d|sign Hub is available in both medium and large format display options up-to 55 Inches, with indoor and outdoor, wall mounted or free standing formats.

The design and content for each Hub is almost entirely configurable, and can be changed via the d|sign cloud portal in minutes.

The hub has a main screen with constantly cycling content and live data that operates in a passive format so that users can obtain information at a distance or at a glance, and a menu system that allows the user to interact with the screen by touch - like a big tablet. The menu provides a gateway to more detailed or niche information, or interactive content like web sites, documents and widgets - such as a journey planner.


  • A portrait touch device 30" - 55"
  • An Android media player or software on chip (SoC)
  • Subscription to d|sign Premium Cloud
  • Subscription to d|sign Hub Module
  • Internet connection for hub
  • Web browser for management

Call on 0800 999 3700 or email info@procyon.co.uk to arrange a demonstration and discuss options

Hub Features - Main Screen

The Primary Page is shown when no user is interacting directly with the touch screen. The hub top section updates with latest information automatically as events have finished, tides have passed or departures have left. Each of the 4 optional media areas, and the ticker text can contain 1 or more items in a playlist that automatically rotates over time.

An example hub front page
  1. Branding or banner media
    Add your logo, credentials or a number of rotating images & banners

  2. Small media area
    Media area for images, messages, notices and feeds – even a live CCTV or camera feed

  3. Main navigation
    Main hub navigation gives user access to secondary level information and functions

  4. Messages media
    Media area perfect for Twitter, news feeds, notices and messages

  1. Ticker
    Text message ticker - perfect for welcome or instruction messages - which can also be scheduled

  2. Infomation Area
    List of usefule "at a glance" information such as live feeds - tide times, site events, departures for local transport and more

  3. Large media area
    Perfect for bold posters and notices, images, messages, notices, feeds and web pages

Hub Features - Navigation and interactive content

Beyond the Primary Screen the hub provides a navigation and structure that allows the user to access features and more in-depth information of your choosing.

The buttons each represent an area with further information or features. Some are optional that can be turned on and off appropriate to your requirements, others can contain a hierarchical collection of bespoke content you provide, including secondary or further levels of navigation and content as necessary.

All of the content can be tailored to your location, organisation or wider community.

Additional content types could be included within these sections. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.