dsign Events - Room Schedule Display - 55 Inch Standard Freestanding Totem

dsign Events - Room Schedule Display - 55 Inch Standard Freestanding Totem

dsign Menu Boards - 42 Inch Wall Mounted (Touchscreen)

dsign Menu Boards - 42 Inch Wall Mounted (Touchscreen)

dsign Events - Room Schedule Display - 50 Inch Standard Freestanding Totem

Improve visitor experience - from arrival to departure

Give an overview, schedule and directions for all the meeting rooms in your venue.

This ready-to-go package includes:

  • d|sign events - cloud meeting management and display software
  • Stunning High resolution 50 Inch Freestanding Totem display
  • d|sign Media player PC

For a demonstration on the benefits and features of the d|sign events system, please call us on 0800 999 3700

£3,202.80 £2,669.00

d|sign - Events - Room Booking, Wayfinding, Event Management and more

The Events App improves your visitor experience, adds efficiency to your meetings & events and keeps you up to date.
Combining event management and display with visitor recording and orientation, d|sign Events is indispensible where ever people meet.

Strategically located screens in reception areas, thoroughfares and directly outside rooms show meeting and event information,
whilst interactive screens allow users access and even control of meeting space.


d|sign Events Reception Screens

A large format wall screen or counter top display positioned at entrances and receptions to give an overview of rooms and \ or events taking place

  • Dedicated screen or with event information as content within a larger digital signage display
  • Display events with focus on rooms and the events within, or on events and how to reach the event location.
  • See room utilisation and availability at a glance
  • Promote additional services to your visitors
  • Combine with d|sign in to allow visitors to register arrival and provide personalised instruction for continuing to their destination
  • Increase speed of visitor throughput and save on reception staff intervention.


d|sign Events Room Screen

A high resolution touch screen panel or tablet mounted outside individual meeting and event spaces, with a range of display options:

  • Show detail of the current or forthcoming meeting, including general or meeting specific images, times, contact information and more
  • Show the room current and future schedule
  • Book available rooms directly from the screen
  • Allow attendees to register or check-in on screen
  • Meeting "Start" and "End" buttons to return the space to the available list in the event of non-attendance.
  • Your organisation's branding and media
  • View other rooms available in the system


d|sign Events Wayfinding Screens

Strategically placed screens around your venue show easy to follow instructions for moving between areas or to specific locations.

  • Ideally placed at major junctions or waiting areas, in lift lobbies or between buildings.
  • Show event information with arrows or written instructions
  • Floor or building layout plans with key landmarks, room numbers and more
  • Dedicated screen or with event information as content within a larger digital signage display.

50" Slimline Freestanding Display

The portable 50” Slimline Freestanding Digital Posters are fitted with a commercial grade LCD panel and therefore have the ability to be in constant use - 24/7


  • Full HD
  • 4000:1 contrast ratio
  • 500 nits bright (call us for hi-bright options)
  • Easy to Install


Internally mounted d|sign Media Player


  • Windows OS for seamless integration with your existing network and security
  • Higher processing power and RAM for more demanding applications
  • b/g/n Wifi or Wired network


More Information
Features Digital Signage, Events \ Room Booking
Brand d|sign
Display Size 50 Inch
Outdoor No
Touch Type No
Mounting Point Floor
Usage 24/7
Built-in PC Yes