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The d|sign Professional package contains everything you need to run an eye-catching, professional looking digital signage system and is suitable for both smaller, single screen installations and multiple screen distributed enterprise digital signage installations.

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Which ever sector you operate in, you can use digital signage to improve communications with your staff, visitors and customers

  •    Organisation information
  •    Wayfinding and event management
  •    Advertising and revenue generation
  •    Live feeds and integrations
  •    Patient and passenger assistance
  •    Outdoor and harsh environments
  •    Showcasing achievement
  •    Planning and operational awareness
  •    Up-selling and brand recognition

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Each d|sign solution contains everything you need to get started, but can also be tailored with additional requirements, or different hardware. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements: 0800 999 3700




Hardware for digital signage

As well as "Plug-and-Play" solutions, Cool AV also supplies a wide range of hardware and software products to help you build your own solution, please take a look at some of our digital signage focused categories:


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d|sign Digital Signage

d|sign is the award-winning digital signage solution from Procyon Ltd, a company who specialises in the creation of interactive multi-media software, presentation aids, digital signage and digital advertising for businesses in a wide range of different industries.

This product offers great flexibility to enable your business or organisation to pass on any information that you think audiences - be it employees, customers or visitors - need to know.

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Digital signage is a modern and effective communication tool that allows a company or organisation to distribute information in an eye-catching and engaging format.

This type of modern digital media changes the way people think, feel, act and decide.

Eye catching digital signage

Technology like this is fast becoming the most reliable way for people to find out what's happening in their local area, and more than likely digital signage already plays a part in your everyday life.

From airports, post offices and supermarkets; to shopping centres, the corner shop and restaurants - digital signage is a communication tool that really makes notices noticed. - See more at: